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Our partners

Larvik and Lardal

Nevlunghavn Bakeri og Conditori - Nevlunghavn Bakery and Confectioner's Shop
 This family bakery is located in the coastal region near Nevlunghavn and Larvik. It offers a large selection of baked goods, suitable for small as well as big occasions. "Come as a guest, leave as a friend", is the bakery's service motto and vision. With its location, affiliation with Mølen and visible Ice Age history, the bakery can even give you "a taste of cobblestones" - namely, the Mølen bread that has become a big success.

Nevlunghavn Gjestegiveri - Nevlunghavn Guest House
Nevlunghavn is an old pilot-boat and fishing bay which has a distinctive and settlement along narrow, winding streets. This in itself makes it an attractive tourist stop for returning visitors.
The guest house has its ancestry back to the 1920s, and emphasizes local tradition and way of life in its manner of operation.

Kjærra Fossepark - Kjære Waterfall Park
 In Lågendalen valley alongside the Kjærrafossen waterfall in Lardal, one finds the Kjærra Fossepark. It is wheelchair-accessible and its naturally beautiful surroundings set the stage for telling about the historical fishing establishment and the agricultural and cultural history. Among the activities that the Kjærra Fossepark has to offer are cultural arrangements and activities connected to salmon fishing. The rich agriculture associated with Lågendalen valley stems from the time when Lågendalen was an Arctic fjord. The marine clays that were deposited then have created excellent soils in this valley.

Høyt og Lavt Aktivitetspark - High and Low Activity Park
 As the name implies, the park offers activities for everyone - children and grown-ups, the curious and the daring. The activity park has Norway's largest outdoor climbing park, and in addition, one can experience sheep, ponies, or get a bite to eat in the café. Everything is harmonised and attuned to nature, with the roar of the river Lågen in the background and Kjærre Fossepark as its nearest neighbour.


Jernaldergården Århus - Iron Age Farm Århus
 The long house with its adjoining outdoor facilities gives a good representation of Iron Age history. This Iron Age farm is beautifully situated in the historical landscape and active agricultural area of Århus in Skien. As a partner, it shows an important cultural-historical dimension of the Geopark.

Gregorius Selskapsmat - Gregorius Catering
 Gregorius Selskapsmat has specialized in catering with an emphasis on locally-produced foods. Raw materials from Telemark and Vestfold are prepared for buffets and apportioned meals. Together, this gives a taste of what our area has to offer - from mountain to fjord, a taste of the Geopark!
Grønt Rett Hjem - Greens Right to your Home
 Soil of different types is an important requirement for the production of ecologically-grown fruit and greens. With its main focus on locally produced foods, Grønt Rett Hjem functions as an internet-based grocery store for subscribers in Telemark and Westfold counties.


Øvre Verket Håndverkstun
Øvre Verket is a gathering place for a rich variety of handicrafts, with unique products and a lively, real-life setting. The old workers' houses from the Cappelen Iron Works create a fitting atmosphere. The cluster of houses is in itself a tourist attraction and reveals much about how the local iron deposits provided the basis for employment and establishing a local community at Ulefoss in Nome.

Fensfeltet Geologiforening - Fensfelt Geology Club
This club is open to all who are interested in geology, of any age; it has a geology exhibit and offers geologically-related activities at Ulefoss in Nome. The geological exhibit, which is located at the tourist-information, displays rocks from the Fensfelt (= "Fens Field"), and one gets an impression of the geological diversity and what lies behind the formation of the volcanic limestone.


Lannavegen 5 nearby the Ulefoss-lock, open every day 10-17 o´clock, tlf. 35 94 35 08.


Auen Urtegård - Auen Herb Farm
Along the Siljanelva river outlet to Farrisvannet Lake and under Auenkollen hill, we find the Auen Herb farm. The larvikite in the area has given rise to a nutrient-rich soil that has become a good environment for growing and producing herbs.


Kragerø Fjordbåtselskap - Kragerø Fjord Boat Company
In addition to regular transport on the water and to and from land, the Fjord Boat Company hosts special events and offers charter tours for groups or tourists. From a boat, one can experience several of the Geopark's attractions from the water and get an impression of the lovely places that lie along our coast.

Gea Norvegica Geopark

Gea Norvegica Geopark is the first European Geopark in Scandinavia. It is located in southeastern Norway, in the counties of Vestfold and Telemark.

The Geopark is limited by the administrative areas of the muncipalities Kragerø, Bamble, Porsgrunn, Skien, Siljan, Nome, Lardal and Larvik

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