Gea Norvegica Geopark is an intermunicipal partnership, fully owned by the 8 municipalities Bamble, Kragerø, Lardal, Larvik, Nome, Porsgrunn, Siljan, and Skien and the 2 counties of Telemark og Vestfold, where the geopark is geographically situated.

Board of representatives

The Board of representatives has 12 members, elected from the 8 municipalites and the 2 counties. Presently, all the members are politicians. The Board of representatives meets twice a year.

The Geopark Board has five members, with backgrounds from governmental, county and municipal administration, education, business, museum work and communication.

Geopark administration

The staff is responsible for organizing and performing different tasks for daily operations and further development of the geopark. Presently, the staff consists of two geologists and one economist/marketing consultant. In addition, a lot of people are working for the Geopark in different working groups and as Geopark guides.

Gea Norvegica Geopark

Gea Norvegica Geopark is the first European Geopark in Scandinavia. It is located in southeastern Norway, in the counties of Vestfold and Telemark.

The Geopark is limited by the administrative areas of the muncipalities Kragerø, Bamble, Porsgrunn, Skien, Siljan, Nome, Lardal and Larvik

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