It is the goal of a European Geopark supported by UNESCO to contribute to the positive development of the local community. Through arrangements and tours the Gea Norvegica has cooperated with a number of different organizations, from smaller artisans to larger companies.

We are proud to be able to exhibit a region with a lot of local initiative based on the geological heritage, distinctive culture and traditions. We are in the process of formalizing this cooperation further through contracts with other partners. We will continue our collaboration with existing partners at the same time as we welcome new contacts.

In order to become a Geopark partner one must be able to show local distinction of a product, together with sustainable management and a high standard of quality.

Increased marketing and sale of your product

The right to use the Geopark logo

Our partners will be used actively when we hold arrangements and have visitors

Marketing of your outfit through our contacts

Extended national and international network

Contact with other partners in the region through organized gatherings, or directly

Access to a network of partners in other European Geoparks.

Increased local support


Gea Norwegica promotes knowledge about the area’s geological heritage

Increased insight into local points of interest increases appreciation and responsibility for the local environment.

Be an ambassador for your local environmentBe a Geopark partner! You are welcome to take contact for an informal chat!

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